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I had previously written something here I felt was eloquent and insightful.

Upon coming back and re-reading it later, to be honest, I think it actually made me sound like a bit of a dickhead.

Personally adhering to an informal no dickheads policy I’ll keep it brief.

I like to create stuff.

Here is some of the stuff I have created, catalogued for your convenience.

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Tangible things that I have made or repaired.


15 stories


A collection of short stories and other creative writing.


7 stories
Basket hanging in front of weathered timber


A collection of poems.


7 stories


Non-fiction thoughts, opinions and observations. Whatever doesn’t fit in the other categories.




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When a problem appears
There’s no need to fret
There’s no need for tears
Or even break sweat

Though solutions may seem
Too hard or too tough
There’s a common theme
That works with your stuff

A dash of invention
And touch of quick wit
To buck the convention
And sort out the sh*t

Simple is easy
Don’t get in a huff
Keep it all breezy
’Cause just is enough

No need to be grand
Just go with the flow
Now grab what’s at hand
And use what you know

Main photo; ‘custom‘ gutter bracket I came across

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This poem was first published to Simily




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Stone faced sentries cast a cold steel gaze. Their concrete footing unwavering.

Once titans of strength, they stand now, lonely and abandoned. An impassive hardness sees but a land of forgotten names and bitter outcomes.

On glory’s mantle lay the scars. Of place and people; broken, hurt and cast aside.

This forward march a folly; lockstep with pride and greed. No single thought for home and kin. Unforgivable, but true.

Yet still, Mother reaches out.

Main photo: Concrete plinth at long-abandoned Z-Unit training grounds; K’gari (Fraser Island)

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February 2022



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